Historicising British Modernities

Since the 1960s, much of twentieth-century British historiography has been written within an implicit ‘modernization’ paradigm. This framework argues that human societies are all roughly on the same developmental trajectory, and that as societies get richer and more technological, they will naturally tend to become more peaceful, more individualist, more equal, and more secular. On … Continue reading Historicising British Modernities

The ‘postsecular turn’ in contemporary British historiography

In global scholarship generally, the term ‘postsecular’ is having a bit of a moment: you can find it in history, in literary theory, in legal studies, in theology, in sociology, in postcolonial anthropology, in all kinds of places. But the term has many meanings, most of which are mutually incompatible (Beckford, 2012). This post takes ‘postsecular’ … Continue reading The ‘postsecular turn’ in contemporary British historiography

Rethinking Britain’s Sixties

There are currently two major paradigms in British Sixties scholarship: my new book seeks to introduce a third. The orthodox accounts, mostly written in the 1990s and early 2000s, interpreted Britain's Sixties as a 'people's revolution'. In this view, the Sixties witnessed substantial changes amongst the mass of the population: moral change was prompted by … Continue reading Rethinking Britain’s Sixties

The Meaning of ‘The Secular’: A Very Brief History

From the 1960s until quite recently, British historians have frequently used the term 'secular' in their own writing, on the assumption that the meaning of this term is widely-understood and obvious. But actually, there are at least three quite different uses of the term 'secular' in modern Western history, and we need to get them … Continue reading The Meaning of ‘The Secular’: A Very Brief History


I'm an early-career historian of Britain after 1945, and Darby Fellow in Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford. I've put this website together mostly to promote my book, The Hope of a World Transformed, which provides a radical new history of the moral revolution that Britain experienced in the 1960s. I've also included a few shorter … Continue reading Welcome!