There was a profound paradigm-shift in British culture in the 1950s and 1960s. My articles argue that we need to properly historicize this shift, using all the resources of cultural theory, rather than just naively accepting its categories and assumptions.

‘Christianity and the Invention of the Sexual Revolution in Britain, 1963-1967’, Historical Journal 60,2 (2017), 519-546.

‘From Religion to Revolution: Theologies of Secularisation in the British Student Christian Movement, 1963–1973’Journal of Ecclesiastical History 66,4 (2015), 792-811.

‘The Invention of a “Secular Society”? Christianity and the Sudden Appearance of Secularization Discourses in the British National Media, 1961–4’Twentieth Century British History 24,3 (2013), 327-350. (Winner of the 2012 Duncan Tanner Prize)